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The information on this page is only for those who already have a shotgun certificate & their own Gun & equipment,
For Non Certificate holders please see the "Have a go Clay Lessons Page" for the appropriate information for you .

Hello Shooter....

At Kegworth you don't have to be a member to shoot our ground.

We shoot All year round every other Sunday, & all bank holidays as well

We offer English Sporting & also Compact / Sportrap & FITASC

PRACTICE Sporting for both CPSA & NON CPSA members

COMPETITION Sporting for CPSA members only.

Compact / Sportrap for both CPSA & NON CPSA members



PRACTICE Sporting ........What you need to know
We run 100 target practice sessions.
(Sorry we don't offer 50 bird practice)

You are entered "For the day" free of charge by us in to the CPSA... (The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association) using their "Day Pass Scheme" (You give us your Name & Post code).

You can then shoot....... following all the CPSA rules, which include wearing Ear & eye protection at all times whilst in the safety cage or stand.

(NO Ear & eye protection & sorry but you can not shoot, our insurance will not cover us/ you)

Our Main Safety Rules

All guns must be open & unloaded when you are out of the cage.

Semi Autos must be "bolt back" or have a safety flag indicator fitted between stands,
& only have two shells loaded when shooting.

There are referees on ALL the stands, who button & score your cards.

Interested call John on 07973111650 for more details.

COMPETITION Sporting ........What you need to know
 To shoot Competition at our ground, or any other registered shooting ground in the UK, you need to Join the CPSA (The national Governing body to the sport in this country)

This costs £45- £72 per anum, for adults dependant upon the type of membership you want.

You can join on line at or, on the day when you visit Kegworth.
You can still choose to shoot practice as a CPSA member for 100 targets, or

Competition When you buy a card for 100 Competition targets.
(with guaranteed cash prizes or more at each shoot, also A Ladies Juniors & Veteran's prize (subject to at least two returned score cards in the category )

Interested call John on 07973111650 for more details.

25 Sportrap / Compact ........What you need to know..for both CPSA & NON CPSA members

This is for the 25 targets there is also one prize for the best shot of the day.
Enter as many times as you like.

Interested call John on 07973111650 for more details.

We look forward to seeing you at our ground soon. Regards John & Janet

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