Terms & Conditions

The following are a list of the main terms & conditions that apply to the various goods & services that we provide. Further details are available from our Shooting Club Room, or please call John Wroughton on 07973 111 650, for clarification.


Shooting Competitions Booking in advance.
Please be advised that you are entering in to a legally binding contract to book & pay for our shooting services if you book yourself & or Others in to our shoots. If you do not ring & advise in advance that you, or others you have booked, are not attending, we reserve the right to invoice you in full for the shooting you booked.  Non attendance costs us income & other shooters loose the opertunity to shoot through selfishness of non attendees.

Safety First.

We will always put both your safety & the safety of our staff first. As with all activity participation sports, there is always a small degree of risk. It is your responcibility to ensure that you are both fit & capable to shoot. This includes things like, bringing your glasses with you if you require them for short sightedness, wearing the safety glasses & hearing protection provided. Not drinking Alchohol, or having taken drugs , that may impair you co ordination, or decision making processes prior to shooting. Please ensure that you follow the safety instuctions given to you by our instructors & referees at once. Please make the gun safe as you have been taught, before discussing a request, safe guns do not cause accidents. Persons failing to respect instructors requests or acting in a dangerous manner will be stopped from further shooting & no refund will be offered.

Booking with us & our Cancellation policy .

We have to book our instructors time 48 hours in advance.Your targets will also be set up in advance of your shooting, & due to the high level of instruction & supervision necessary, we like most operators often have to decline some bookings, due to maximum safe capacity. We therefore have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you require to cancel you prepayed shooting with us you will need to do this at least 48 hours in advance. This is wether it is a gift voucher, private lesson or function. This gives us time to re sell your booking to others. We regret that with less notice we are not able to offer a refund.With 48 hours notice we are happy to offer alternate dates, once rebooked,any further cancellations will forfeight the voucher/s or session. All sessions are subject to availability, see web for available published dates.Please call us to advise us if you

Card Payments

We are registered Credit & Debit Card Authorised Agent with Worldpay & can take all cards as shown below..

For additional security when making Card payments we are pleased to advise that Kegworth Shooting Ground Limited is PCI DSS Compliant, Which is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Valid 15/12/17 until 15/12 /2018 updated annually.

Gift Vouchers, further information .
All gift Vouchers are suplied with a six month life ,during which time they must be redeemed.This is due to the ever rapidly increasing cost of ammunition,(Doubled in the last three years) There are at least two dates each month, & sometimes three per month, usually sunday afternoons at 3pm where you can book to enjoy the thrill of Clay Pigeon Shooting. (See Gift Vouchers page of this web site for available dates) Simply call to book a prefered date, at least 7 days in advance, we can not guarantee availability on a given date,so book early. Time slots are allocated on a first come first served basis, unless you booked a particular date when purchasing the voucher. If you are unable to make any dates over the half year period for any reason, we will usually be able to extend the voucher,or vouchers, provided you rebook against a particular date, & pay the reactivation fee, prior to the voucher expiring. 30 Shot Vouchers reactivation costs £10, & 60 Shot costs £20 per voucher. Please Note. If you fail to bring your gift voucher, you will only be able to shoot, if you pay for your shooting on the day, due to the high number of vouchers sold, & passed on as gifts to others, we are unable to keep track of individual Vouchers. Vouchers can only be redeemed for their intended purpose, (Shooting Lessons) & have no cash redemption or refund value, if not used.(0.001p).
Shot Gun Certificate Holder "Concessionary Lesson Rate" To qualify for this rate each person must have with them & present their own personal Shotgun certificate. This must be shown on all occasions to qualify for the discount on which ever lesson size has been purchased, otherwise the "Non Shooter" rate will apply to that individual. For both legal & insurance reasons you may not share another shooters gun or use another persons ammunition at our ground.

Fixed price Party Bookings. .

In the event that you have booked a fixed price party booking, ie a number of shots against a fixed priced, the shots will be divided equally amongst those who do attend. This is subject to our safe maximum shooter to instructor ratio's, of which you will have been advised when arranging your booking. The fewer who attend on the day the greater number of shots each guest will recieve. Above these numbers, we will charge an additional amount per additional person, & provide additional shots for these guests, so all guests recieve the same service.This includes for additional instructors as necessary.This policy also relates to the supply of supplimentary services such as food & additional supplimentary entertainment packages as well.

What you need to know & bring with you.

Clay Pigeon shooting is an outdoor activity, that is participated in, right through the year. For your best enjoyment it is prefered to wear suitable clothing for the time of year, you will be outdoors, away from any shelter for possibly several hours, so shower proof clothing, umbrellas,& waterproof foot wear, etc are all essential. We recommend a hat or cap, to both shield your head from bits of the broken targets & to keep the sun from your eyes. Loose upper body clothing such a "Puffa Jackets" are not advised due to getting caught on the gun, when putting in to your shoulder. Please note that events are never cancelled due to the weather.

Finding the Shooting Ground.

We are easy to find however should you get lost on your way to us, please give us a call & we will guide you in, 07973 111 650.

Competition Prize monies & Advertised Events
Whilst every effort is made by us to control advertisements & Prize fund payouts, there will always be the opportunity for errors & ommissions to get through the extensive checking systems we have put in place. For this reason all web & published details are subject to change, & are subject to the exclusion of errors & ommissions, as goverened by English Law.

Prize monies offered are usually more than the CPSA minimum amounts required, & are available for collection from the ground, either in person, or at our discretion by another CPSA member, who will be required to sign to say that they have collected the prize money on your behalf. We do not post out prize money at any time. In exceptional circumstances we may need to offer a smaller prize fund at an event, due for example to poor weather & a really low entry. We will endeavour to advertise this at the point of sale, to give you an opportunity to decline to enter the event. All prize monies are kept & availailable for a whole twelve months from the date of the event, at which time they are no longer available, & revert to the general prize fund from which we guarantee the larger than required prizes.
Please Note during Covid Lockdowns & closures, you will be unable to collect prize money. The twelve month culmative time period for collecting outstanding monies, obviously does not include periods whilst we are shut.  We would like to remind shooters that the CPSA only require us to hold prize funds for six months....... but we hold them for twelve to give ample time for collection, by you or any other cpsa full member.

We reserve the right to take photograps during & after an event for our records & promotional purposes, all persons in entering our site agree to this, unless expressing a wish to the contrary, in writing to staff, prior to the start of the event.

Purchased score cards/ shooting, for Sporting & FITASC. We regret that we are unable to provide a refund if you decide you do not wish to shoot all the targets on a given day. Score cards are dated & may only be used on the day they were purchased, in line with all CPSA rules.

Customer feedback & comments

We reserve the right to publish customer feedback, both positive & negative, wether presented verbally,by post or email. To present potential clients with a better view of our business.Content may be edited as necessary , Names & addresses will be withheld..

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