For the Best Clay Shooting In Leicestershire

Our Shooting takes place on the following dates.
      Sporting Entry Times 10am until 2pm. aprox, ( Unless otherwise stated ) 
At Kegworth we guarantee pay out of at least £550 per Sporting  shoot & £150 High Gun, 1st, 2nd places in each letter    class, (totalling at least  £100),  Also a Juniors*, Ladies* & Veterans* prize. (*Subject to a minimum of two entries)  Special events may have higher Prize funds see below.  Prize money is held for one year from the date won.

New Access to shoot Direct Off the A50 on New Slip road

This Sundays Sporting 4th Nov & lessons  have had to be postponed due to a seriously ill, close family member.

Sunday 4th  Sporting    100 Bird
Sunday  18th  Sporting    100 Bird

Sunday 2nd  Sporting    100 Bird
Sunday  16th  Sporting    100 Bird
Thursday  27th  Sporting    100 Bird
Monday  31st  Sporting    100 Bird

SPORTING CHALLENGE 26th & 27th August
120 All New Sporting Targets

New road to Shoot Now Open from Kegworth Village