An exciting new shooting competition at Kegworth......

SPORTRAP EXTRA............. so what is extra about it?

1.     Shoot 35 targets from 5 cages......  10 extra targets over a basic 25 layout.
2.    Shoot at 6  different targets......... an extra trap+ target over a basic layout.
3.    Win £100 High Gun ....................... extra prize money above our usual prize.
4.    Win £500 Plus for a straight......... an extra £500 + the £100 High Gun on the day.
5.    Rollover Jackpot Prize......... an extra £50 each week the Prize remains.

Terms & Conditions
Entry fee is only £12 per entry, or £20 for two entries, ( Discount is for one individual not shared) 

Multiple entries are allowed, but all stands must be shot once before the second or third attempt is started.

If the layout is straightened by more than one person, on the day, the Prize Fund is divided by the number of competitors scoring the straight 35 ex 35.

The targets will be changed each shoot weekend, to make an interesting layout.
The targets will be the same from day one to day two if we have a two day event
The High Gun is awarded for the top score over the two days, if its a two day event

We reserve the right to change the terms & conditions of this event at our discretion.

The event will run for a minimum of 5 shoots...... but may be extended for a longer period.

The Straight Prize Rollover Fund (Starting at £500 will be increased each shoot by £50 )

The £500+ Prize may only be won by shooting a straight 35.

The £100 High Gun on the weekend may only be won by shooting the highest score of the weekend.

In the event of a Tie for High Gun The prize will be shared equally by all "highest scoring shooters."

In the event of a trap breakdown part way through the day, or days, that can not be rectified, the competition will be continued, with "at our discretion" a replacement trap will be installed, with a similar or harder target, to complete the day.In this case The Straight prize of £500+ & High Gun will still be available to win / share.

Kegworth Shooting Ground Ltd reserve the right to amend or withdraw this event , any amendments etc, will be notified on this page. In all matters the managements decision is final.

Max load 28 gram No6's as per CPSA & KSG rules.